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Why do I have to transfer my domain, and what does it mean?
Firstly, a basic explanation of the domain name system (this isn't entirely accurate but for all intents and purposes it will help you're understanding of what is happening). What happens when you type in an address into your browser is essentially the Internic domain database is checked to find the name servers for that domain. Once your browser knows the name servers is contacts them and wants to know the specific address of the computer that your website is located on. Once it has that, it then goes to that computer and retrieves your site. When you sign up with a hosting provider you have the Internic domain database changed to that it points to your new hosting providers name servers. Your hosting provider will setup their name servers to accept your domain and point it to the right computer (the one that will have your website actually on it).

There are a lot of domain registrars around. Domain registrars are the companies who actually modify the domain database for you, you pay them for rights to a domain, and they update the domain database when you tell them where you want it to point. As there are now lots of domain registrars and more popping up all the time, it is impossible for us to list explicit instructions on changing the name servers associated with your domain for all of them. The job of transferring your domain is essentially up to you, as we don't actually have any power to transfer the domain, for authorisation reasons only the owner and certain contacts can change details, however, we are willing to give you help when you have specific questions. If you need help, send your specific question to your representative and they will try to help you out. A handy tool is called 'whois'. This checks every domain registered and tells you what it's name servers are currently set to. Click here to visit the whois for most domains: http://domain.weboneplus.com

Please also remember that after you've changed it, it can take up to 2-3 days to propogate throughout the world, meaning, the change may not be visible for up to 2 days (it could be longer if you are behind a firewall or proxy).